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Real-Time Interactive Technology for Audience Retention and Engagement

The Interactive Video and Experience Protocol (IVEP) is a new platform-agnostic, lightweight and responsive layered technology for online video interactivity and audience retention and engagement.

IVEP redefines online experiences and video monetization for content creators, developers and designers, creative agencies, publishers and advertisers. Moreover, the IVEP technology is owned by the community members.

IVEP makes videos embedded on the open web 2-way interactive, real-time editable, shoppable, clickable, chattable, pollable, donatable, expandable, searchable (and more) in minutes, with programmable smart objects. IVEP also captures real-time engagement metrics from real humans, thus combating ad fraud, and securely stores and shares access to data using state of the art public and private blockchain protocols.

IVEP currently supports videos embedded on any website from your favorite video platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitch and Daily Motion*. It also supports live video broadcasts.

What can IVEP do for you now?

And there is a lot more to come.

The development of the protocol is overseen by the IVEP Association, a non-profit organization that promotes video and interactive experience technologies for the decentralized web through a fair, trustworthy and transparent copyright framework for content creators and distributors.

Your Membership to the IVEP Enterprise Alliance includes:

  • Access to a network of creative leads to help you implement unique engaging experiences with your audience, therefore significantly increasing retention and ROI and better capturing your audience needs and preferences;
  • The ability to get your own free white-label interactive content editor and data management platform for everyone in your organisation;
  • A scalable server infrastructure to get real-time engagement metrics on state of the art blockchain protocols for secure and immutable data;
  • Eligibility to receive dubtokens, IVEP’s crypto-currency, or create your very own digital branded assets to incentivize your members and audience (the next generation of digital loyalty programs);
  • VIP technical support;
  • Updates and research on the development of video and experience interactivity, audience engagement, blockchain technologies and community token economies;
  • VIP access to the pre-launch version of IVEP for Television and AR.


The IVEP Enterprise Alliance is a global alliance open to Content Creators, Developers and Designers, Creative Agencies, Publishers and Advertisers.

Please support the Association by purchasing dubtokens ( A thriving association better helps members achieve their ROI goals.

* For video platforms: contact us if you want to connect your video player to IVEP.


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The Interactive Video and Experience Protocol (IVEP) is a new blockchain-based protocol powered by a digital currency owned by its members, called dubtokens. IVEP is building the backbone and software infrastructure for online video interactivity and real human engagement with programmable Smart Objects. It is a Web 3.0 (d)open-source protocol that integrates the immutability and transparency characteristics of the blockchain and loyalty and trust attributes of a tokenized economy for the benefit of its community members.

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