Building the future of cross-network, cross-device Interactive Video and audio on the Blockchain

Introducing IVEP, an interactive protocol and dApp store for augmented video and audio experiences.

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What is IVEP?

The Interactive Video and Experience Protocol (IVEP) is a new blockchain-based, platform-agnostic and lightweight layered technology for online and broadcast video-audio interactivity, audience retention and real human engagement.

The Technology

The IVEP protocol combines blockchain stacks with state of the art real-time data and payment management infrastructure and smart objects technology. These smart objects allow for real-time customization of video and audio experiences with a few lines of code or embedded audio markers using the ICE authoring tool, artificial intelligence and audio recognition systems. It enables the personalization of the interaction for every single viewer. It supports interactions with videos on the open web from services such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitch, JWPlayer and all TV and radio distribution networks.

The Problem

Lack of innovation

With centralized platforms such as Facebook and YouTube no longer aligned with the interests of content creators and distributors, and PayTV network operators having a hard time to compete with the reach  , flexibility and economy of scale of such web platforms, the market is in need of new solutions for publishers of content.

Lack of True User Insights

The lack of trust, accountability and transparency between content creators, publishers and advertisers has led to a costly, conflicted and inefficient ad tech layer and audience measurement rating systems.

The Challenges with Current ad Models

Online ad blockers and PVR set-top boxes are becoming the norm and forced pre-roll and mid-roll ads offer a terrible and inefficient UX to end users.

Lack of Interactivity

Content creators and publishers can’t capture enough data to create relevant value for their audience and the audience has no abilities or incentives to engage and share preferences and needs.

There is an immense opportunity for IVEP to become the standard of real human engagement for video and audio content by filling the gap allowing for interactivity with such content on the open web and existing TV and radio distribution networks. 

Fred Dionne Founder & CEO of IVEP

The Solution

User driven content and engagement

Engaging content and experiences are the biggest driver of “real measurable attention” and brand appreciation. The IVEP protocol will offer the first truly exciting experience for audiences by empowering video and audio content with unlimited interactive features directly on the playback device or through a second screen app synchronized with TV and radio programs. 

Beyond Web

With the acquisition of ScreenJumper, IVEP will be able to rapidly expand its offering beyond the open web and bring its technology to television and radio broadcasters, payTV network operators and producers. 

A Better Content Protection System

By token staking and trust scores, and enabling content screening by the audience for token bounties, IVEP significantly improves the current systems for copyright protection and content quality assurance from infringement and abuses.

Battling ad fraud

With the introduction of a Human Proof Score (HPS) for each session to assess whether engagement is performed by bots or real humans, IVEP combats incentives for ad fraud, invalid traffic and invalid audience measurement in a significant manner. 

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Use Cases

The IVEP ecosystem will power interactive video.


Software developers and designers will offer a vast array of new interactive features through verified applications and services published on the protocol’s decentralized App Store. Visit to learn about the trending bitqt automated trading software.


Software developers and designers will be highly incentivized by IVEP to create thousands of free and similar to the bitcoin supersplit platform, templates and services that can be used on the protocol by content creators, publishers, advertisers and retailers.


IVEP rewards good quality and automates reporting and payment of royalties among rights holders, whether engagement results from an ad-supported or a subscription-based model. Creators with high trust and engagement scores will be further incentivized through the protocol.


A better discovery experience for end-users will lead to more engagement and thus more options to monetize billions of hours of video content, thus increasing revenue for online publishers. Publishers with high trust and engagement scores and those who reward their audience the most, will be further incentivized.


IVEP creates a transparent and secured layer for the real time reporting of real-human engagement metrics and allows brands and retailers to increase ROI and their online sales with native video content.


Video is the most engaging medium online but it has mostly offered, until now, the same static experience to all end users. IVEP introduces interactive layers that overlay smart objects on top of existing video content to make it a dynamic and real time customizable experience for every single end user. This also applies to live video broadcasts.


The protocol’s API and SDK make Artificial Intelligence an excellent candidate to propel interactive experiences to the next level of smarter human engagement for web 3.0. The next generation of video news reporting (CNN 2.0) or video editing applications might well be fully automated and run with IVEP and AI.


The Human Proof Score is unique to IVEP. It captures and measures the interactions of each IVEP identity and determines how likely the controller of the ID is to be a human or a bot. HPS directly influences the remuneration of each IVEP ID for engagement. It is a game changer for ad-supported content distribution models.


Audience members will be able to enjoy IVEP enabled interactive content without the need to register with IVEP. But if they register with IVEP, they will be rewarded with dubtokens for engaging with publishers of interactive content and also in their capacity as content screeners and verifiers. Smarter audience engagement will lead to bigger token rewards.

Powered by DBN

DBN (dubtokens) are IVEP's utility tokens.

1. Publishers use the protocol to provide their audiences and their advertisers with augmented videos capabilities, while developers, content creators and audiences are rewarded with DBN tokens for contributing content and interacting with the ecosystem. The protocol enables the automation of real-time micropayments amongst the participants when engagement occurs.

2. All transactions on IVEP, including payments for additional services, are executed in DBN which can be kept as the currencies of choice or exchanged against other cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

3. The demand for DBN tokens is justified by the ongoing growth of the ecosystem due to the viewer engagement, the inflow of new members and content, and aligns with total advertising budgets of campaigns shared within the protocol.

4. Smart contracts will be written in Ethereum Solidity to drive accounting / ERC-20 token movement.



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